Hello! I’m Jessica.

My dad’s favourite story to tell about me as a child, is one where I demonstrate a hatred for cycling – apparently having just set out on a family bike ride at the age of about 5, I stopped pedalling and just stood there. He recalls telling me to come along, to which I sternly replied “no”. He was flummoxed as he says he had never seen me so defiant about not doing something. Low and behold he had to walk me the 5 metres back home and all had thought my cycling journey would end there.

Fast forward 14 years and I now hear this story often . . . almost every time he sees that I’ve been out on my bike!

Re-introduced to cycling by my partner last year, I am now in love with the sport. Getting my very first road bike earlier this year I definitely feel like I am, or at least I’m becoming, one in a growing number of ‘female cyclists’.

Really though, I’m just someone who has gone from never really riding a bike in my life, to now scheduling my week around doing so!

I started a “Bicycle Diaries” album on my Facebook to document in pictures my cycling journey, and now, almost a year along with a few stories to tell, I thought I’d tell them!

I hope you enjoy reading about my cycling journey, whether you cycle yourself or not!

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