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London to Paris… on 2 wheels… Here I Come!

If I wasn’t cycling to Paris in a matter of weeks, would I spend my Sunday afternoon out riding in the pouring rain? Perhaps not! But… as it happens I am cycling to Paris, and in just a few weeks! So, when Sunday came around (a couple of weeks ago now), but along with it the rain, I knew I still had to get out there.

Initially the rain wasn’t too noticeable, it looked harder than it felt. I wore my summer kit as obviously the temperature despite the rain is still of summer (ish!) levels. I added my detachable sleeves to keep that ‘ish’ factor chill off my arms, and to complete my rain-training attire – I wore my impressive new Castilli Muur waterproof jacket, which, being that it’s light, fully waterproof and super breathable – is perfect for these wet, British ‘summer’ days! (Thanks Luke!)

Rain rain go away . . . but it didn’t. For the two and a half hours we were out, the rain did not stop, if anything it got progressively harder as the ride went on. And of course, as it got harder, we got wetter, the ground got wetter – it was all very wet. The only thing I was aware of/worried about, was the ground becoming slippery and my breaks becoming less effective – I was pleased to not come across any long steep descents, as I’m not keen on these at the best of times (I won’t make the greatest cyclist I know!).

Although due to the weather we didn’t do the longer ride we had planned, I was still pleased that we got out, and more so that I still enjoyed it. I think if it had been any colder, or if the winds had been blowing the rain unswervingly into my face the entire route, it may have been a different story, but as it happens, just a little bit of rain never hurt anyone!

Taking some shelter in a bus stop, rocking my fly Castelli waterproof

Riding London to Paris for Action for Asperger’s 

Excited about this challenge, as well as of course being quite nervous, never did I EVER think this would be something I’d be doing – cyclingall the way from London to Paris – ME! It’s crazy. Cycling has opened up this whole new lifestyle for me and along with it a number of new and exciting opportunities & goals, constantly allowing me to do and achieve things I never in a million years thought I would. On Sunday, midst the rain and wind, cycling beside my husband (!), it came to me how lucky I feel to have been introduced to cycling, and to have this new passion going into my 30’s (approaching!).

In doing this challenge ride I’m raising money for Action for Asperger’s. Asperger’s Syndrome is on the Autistic Spectrum and effects not only the individual, but very much the entire family. My brother has AS but when we were growing up it wasn’t such a recognised diagnosis and so there wasn’t any support – for him or our parents. I am therefore very pleased there is now advice, guidance & support available.

For more information on Asperger’s Symdrome, and the advice/support available, you can head over to my Just Giving page. If you’re at all able to sponsor my ride, any donation big, small or tiny, would be very much appreciated.

This link will wiz you over to my Just Giving page 🙂




4 thoughts on “London to Paris… on 2 wheels… Here I Come!

  1. I have not yet been on my bike in the rain, not because I don’t want to get wet, but because I don’t want my bike to get wet haha…I know, insanity! Good luck with the challenge, I hope you raise a lot of money, it’s a very worthy cause.

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