Just Enjoy the Ride!

After writing a post all about how much, and why I love cycling, I went out last week and came back somewhat unimpressed with my ride – but not for any reasonable reasons! I have therefore realised, I should maybe have a re-read of my previous blog (10 Reason’s Why YOU Should Be Cycling), and take heed of my own words!

The route started with a hill – not a hugely steep one, but a fairly long one, and much to my disgrace, my legs seemed to tire immediately, and before I knew it I was struggling. “I am supposed to be stronger than this!” Panting words that summed up my main gripe, I pretty much sulked up the hill. I even had to stop. Rather than rationalise that my legs probably just hadn’t quite warmed up yet, I let the hill taunt me as we continued.

To add to my woes, the struggle didn’t seem to ease as we pedalled on, and I knew that today was just not my day. We hit a killer of a hill – short and steep – about 3/4’s of the way round, and again I was overcome with screaming legs & heavy breathing. I had some harsh words for myself whereas my partner assured me that I’d done well, and that the hill had been steep… blah blah blah (“I should be better!”) 

Fast forward to the all-important Strava-check back at the house and this is when I really cursed the ride; my average speed was really low and we’d only managed to fit in a measly 20 km as we had been pushed for time. I let out a sigh, expressing my strong sense of dissatisfaction.

Silly really. And this is where I need to remember what’s important, as the ride had actually been lovely! It was a completely new route for me and the views were stunning – you honestly can’t beat the basking countryside that lies within The Cotswolds. My partner grew up in the area and so as we cycled round he pointed out his old schools and various childhood haunts, as well as a few famous landmarks, adding what history he knew (he loves his home town!). He also took me through the village said to be the heart of the Cotswolds – Painswick – and it was as picturesque as I’ve heard, so quaint and especially beautiful to ride through in the sunshine. And that’s another positive – it was a beautiful day!

All of the green!

All these aspects making up a great Sunday afternoon ride, but I wasn’t happy. What I now realise, is that on reflection – my reflection shouldn’t have been about the stats! We’d had a lovely afternoon out on our bikes and I was ruining it with my post-cycle grump! I got out on my bike, spent time with my partner, cycled around a gorgeous area of the South West and was exercising all the while. So I was slow, so my legs didn’t feel their strongest, so we didn’t cycle far and wide – I need to remember that it’s not all about the Avg. Speed, the PB’s, & the kilometres covered … sometimes it’s just about getting out, and enjoying the ride!

Photo stop in Painswick…. something (/one) making me smile 🙂

One thought on “Just Enjoy the Ride!

  1. Lady you are exactly right! It is easy to be down on one’s self and forget why we started riding in the first place. its for the pure enjoyment. AND even when we are mad at our results, we know we were out there, and feel better for it!

    Thanks for the reminder, and great job!

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