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Roadie Goals!

With 2016 fast approaching, so the “new year, new me” promises begin. Resolutions have never really been my thing though – I have always preferred to set myself goals; what would I like to achieve? With my first year as a roadie almost complete, I’m really hoping I can take it to the next level in 2016; I want to be stronger and faster, and I want to have challenged myself. But perhaps more than those things, I want to experience. I have always valued life experiences – creating memories,  and now, alongside my best friend, with bikes in tow, I want to see where this cycle life will take me next!

The first thing I really want to tick off the box is the 100 mile milestone. Distance wise my PB is currently 50 miles and with plans further into the year to do a London > Paris charity ride, I have to get accustomed to the longer rides.

So, London to Paris – there it is, I’ve put it in writing – there’s no backing out now. Why oh why though, one might ask!?!

Very sadly, a friend of mine recently lost her Nan to Motor Neurone Disease. To raise money & awareness for what is the most heart-breaking of diseases, and also just in honour and memory of her amazing Nan, she is bravely doing the challenge. Inviting us to join her, we are all in and the researching has commenced!

My partner has actually already done this 250+ mile ride, last September – and in 24 hours! I will not be doing that! Thankfully, there are various companies that organise these challenges and as well as the 24hr option (for the insane!) there are 3/4 day ones, riding around 70-90 miles a day. Whilst the thought does terrify me more than slightly, I just think what an amazing thing to be able to say you have done; what an experience and hopefully, a lot of money raised for charity. Aiming for September, this gives me a good 9 months to train train train!


April brings the Tour of Flanders and I am apparently riding the organised Sportive that’s open to all. I say apparently as I don’t know too much about the ride, other than we are riding it – or maybe he is riding it and I’ll cheer him on! Either way, the sportive will of course be followed by watching the professionals, which will be a new & exciting experience in itself.

Above any challenge or target though, I just want to #getoutandride – as the Instagramers put it! Cycling this year has taken me through some of the quaintest little villages, the most stunning of countryside, and showed me the amazing views that sit pretty much on my doorstep! I have loved exploring new places on my bike, and I can’t wait to do this on a bigger scale.

Gym wise, I need to hit that 90kg squat!

In memory of Nana Bren!



I’d love to hear what others are planning….

12 thoughts on “Roadie Goals!

  1. More of the same next year. I’ve got three multi-day rides in the works… Two four-day rides (100 miles a day) and a two-day 180 miler. Other than that, I’ve already hit every big cycling goal I could think of (topping 10,000km in a season [7,500], 1,000 miles in a month [did it twice this year])… Now I’m just going to have fun and ride. Good luck, and here’s to a big 2016!

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  2. Awe thank you! I’d never really cycled before this year and now I would recommend it to anyone and everyone! It’s such a satisfying sport/hobbie – you can get into it at your own pace and then make it as challenging or relaxing as you wish! If you’re tempted I’d definitely say just give it a go! 🙂


  3. Great challenges! Next year I’m going to do London-Paris as well, but hopefully across one of the May bank holidays… I’ve got it in my mind that I want to try the Tour d’Etape in Summer 2017 with my Dad, so lots and lots of hilly sportives for me in 2016! 🙂 I’d recommend entering the Prudential Ride London if you haven’t already.. it’s a lovely route for your first 100 miles.


    1. Oooh wow, I will look out for how you get on in May! Good luck! Thanks for the recommendation – we are South West based and my partner has a hilly sportive in Wales planned for 100 miles… eek! I definitely need to get more accustomed to climbs through 2016!


      1. Ooh, is that the Dragon Ride? I was thinking about that as part of the training as I have friends based in Cardiff, but I’m a bit too scared of hills to commit to it at the minute!


    1. One piece of advice, take food for the Velothon Wales – they were poorly stocked at the feed stations and had run out by the time half of the riders had gone through, and this year they’ve upped it to 18,000 instead of last years 15,000.

      Best of luck towards your 2016 goals, hopefully we’re all smiling in 12 months time!


  4. Great goals! My boyfriend finally convinced me to start cycling very recently after 3 years of persistence so about to start my first year as a road cyclist! I have to say your goals for me personally feel like a lifetime away but maybe I’ll have similar goals this time next year after some practice?We’re also going to the Tour of Flanders – can’t wait! Good luck with achieving your goals this year 🙂

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    1. Oooh that’s great good luck!! Don’t worry, if you have a gander through my other posts you’ll see that I’ve come so far with regards to my ability, fitness & confidence on the bike! You’ll get so much satisfaction from the progress I promise! It’s also a great thing to share with a partner. Have fun!! 😁


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